Let 's participate the Keitune Carrera Cup held in Japan' s largest outdoor R/C speed way. !

Every year the All Japan Championship is held, and it would be a prestigious course held IFMAR World Championships in 2013.

NEW layout also paved a new road surface in 2017. Manufacturer of R/C in a powerful country in Japan which participate the R/C championship and make memories of your life together! !


1. Free airport pick-up service at Haneda airport and Narita airport (in the case of designated hotel stay)

2. Keitune Carrera Cup designated Hotel Reservation Agent (in the case of designated hotel stay)

3. Hotel ⇄ Keitune with free pick up service (in the case of designated hotel stay)

4. English interpreter (optional)

5. Even one person can participate in the Keitune Carrera Cup. with secure support (pit during championship, interpreting service) (optional)

6. Please consult Muslim Halal Food. Halal certificate restaurant available. (optional)

7. After the Keitune Carrera Cup, please do not hesitate to consult about Japanese tourism. (optional)

If you would like other, please contact us. for instance purchase some R/C part , sightseeing in Tokyo or etc.


KEITUNE CARRERA CUP 2018 schedule ※ Every month the fourth week Sunday held

  • 25th February ( Sunday )
  • 25th March ( Sunday )
  • 22th April ( Sunday )
  • 27th May ( Sunday )
  • 24th June ( Sunday )
  • 22th July ( Sunday )
  • 26th August ( Sunday )
  • 23th September ( Sunday )
  • 28th October ( Sunday )
  • 25th November ( Sunday )


  • Class : 1/8GPR, 1/10GPT, 1/8GT, 1/5 Competition Touring , 1/5 F-1 ,
  • Regulation : Qualification 3 consecutive times best lap. / Final Each main 10 - 20 minutes of number of laps and total time.
  • Price : Track fee about 3000JPY per day & Goi Grand hotel one night about 8000JPY ( it depend on room and season, please ask me when you make booking)


KEITUNE SPEED WAY : http://www.keitune.co.jp/

GOI GRAND HOTEL : http://goigrand-hotel.jp/?page_id=3196

BEAT1RACING : http://beat1racing.jp/


Image schedules

  • Thursday Haneda or Narita airport arrival ▶ Goi grand hotel check in
  • Friday Keithune practice driving day
  • Saturday Keithune practice driving day
  • Sunday Keithune Carrera Cup 


日本 KEITUNE 卡雷拉杯 R/C巡回赛   羽田(东京)及 成田(千叶)地区!!


欢迎您参加由日本著名户外最大级别赛道举办的 KEITUNE 卡雷拉杯!!






1. 提供羽田机场、成田机场免费迎送服务(指定宾馆住宿场合)


2. KEITUNE 卡雷拉杯 指定宾馆预约代理(指定宾馆住宿场合)


3. 提供宾馆往返 KEITUNE 免费迎送服务(指定宾馆住宿场合)


4. 提供英文翻译(选择)


5. 1人也可参加比赛。大会提供安心服务。(赛场修理站、翻译服务)(选择)


6. 伊斯兰教与会者如需清真食品敬请咨询,会场提供具有清真食品认证的餐厅。(选择)


7. 遥控大会结束后,如希望日本观光的客人敬请咨询。(选择)




KEITUNE 卡雷拉杯 2018大会日程   ※每月第4周  周日举行


  • 2月25日(周日)
  • 3月25日(周日)
  • 4月22日(周日)
  • 5月27日(周日)
  • 6月24日(周日)
  • 7月22日(周日)
  • 8月26日(周日)
  • 9月23日(周日)
  • 10月28日(周日)
  • 11月25日(周日)


级别 : 1/8GPR, 1/10GPT, 1/8GT, 1/5 Competition Touring , 1/5 F-1 ,


规则 : 预选赛  3周连续最佳圈速  决赛  胜出方式


平均一人预算:赛道使用金额 1日 约3000日元(约合人民币180元)& 宾馆费用(五井GRAND宾馆)1日 约8000日元起(约合人民币500元起),如有其它需求敬请咨询。


KEITUNE SPEED WAY : http://www.keitune.co.jp/


GOI GRAND HOTEL : http://goigrand-hotel.jp/?page_id=3188


BEAT1RACING : http://beat1racing.jp/




周四  到达羽田或成田机场     KEITUNE 指定宾馆 办理入住 (五井GRAND宾馆)


周五  KEITUNE 赛道练习日


周六  KEITUNE 赛道练习日


周日  KEITUNE 卡雷拉杯